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CSIA s.r.l. : experience and expertise
at the service of your Company

CSIA s.r.l., the natural evolution of CSIA s.a.s., is a service company which works in a large international context, in the field of consultancy regarding engineering, the environment, health and safety in the workplace.

The complexity and extreme importance of the issues which the company advises on have directed it, since its establishment, towards the development of specific expertise, to be put to use at the service of its clients in order to professionally satisfy a wide range of needs.

Not just a staff, but an entire tight-knit group of reliable professionals alongside each and every client, to face any issue with serenity, dynamism and solid preparation by providing a high-quality service based on an approach of customised assistance and client satisfaction.

CSIA s.r.l. looks to the future with commitment, re-evaluating itself on a daily basis, with the aim of continuing to improve.

The result is an efficient group which increases its overall value and which is capable of guaranteeing complete solutions which are always able to satisfy any request.


The authority of an integrated service

A serious and highly-specialised company, which has grown over the course of nearly thirty years in business with a young and dynamic team led by some of the leading experts in the fields of engineering, ecology, the environment and workplace safety.

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Our Team

For your company’s needs, a full team of internal employees who have spent years accruing technical skills within our company.

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Our Partner

CSIA collaborates with qualified doctors and accredited laboratories, law firms, technical consultants and employment consultancy firms.

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CSIA s.a.s. was founded in the 1990s and, by combining tradition and innovation, evolved into CSIA s.r.l. in 2019.

At its headquarters in Strada del Drosso 49 – Turin, it develops the field of training by obtaining accreditation from the Region of Piedmont.

The services offered are guaranteed by a quality management system which meets the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

CSIA s.r.l. offers a consultancy service for all business management needs and issues.

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