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Technical Expertise

Provision of technical expertise as a Court-Appointed Expert Witness (CTU) or a Party-Appointed Expert Witness (CTP)

Technical analyses for the reconstruction of the manners and dynamics of the occurrence of a workplace incident in order to clearly demonstrate the facts and actual causes of the accident, refuting opposing theories if necessary.

Technical analyses of various types which, depending on the circumstances, can also be applicable in the case of civil litigation and/or criminal proceedings.

Technical analyses in which the veracity and accuracy of the report is signed with a special declaration included in the report itself.

Sworn expert reports can have a range of objectives: participation in calls for funding, certifications, specific legal requirements, etc.

Technical analyses for the reconstruction of the manners and dynamics of the occurrence of accidents; use of kinetic and kinematic models to simulate the pre- and post-impact phases, avoidability and the causal link between the parties involved (vehicles, pedestrians, etc.) with insertion into the context of realistic scenarios of occurrence which allow for the detailed reconstruction of the incident.

Technical analyses which are made up of images, graphics and articulated texts which aim to represent the estimated assets and describe them in full and complete detail, to make a commercial and financial valuation; estimated appraisals include both the intrinsic and extrinsic characteristics of the movable or immovable property being valued. Furthermore, estimated appraisals must specify which criteria and estimation method have been used.

These valuations can have different purposes: e.g. valuation of goods, valuation of damage in case of accidents (fire, natural disasters, collapses, etc.).