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Construction site safety

  • Operational Safety Plan (POS)

Description of all work processes which will be carried out on the site, identifying any possible critical and interferential phases and the appropriate actions aimed at removing or reducing risks to the health and safety of the construction workers.

  • Operational Safety Plan (POS)

Insertion of the minimum content laid down by annex XV of Legislative Decree 81/2008 and subsequent amendments and additions, highlighting the measures to be taken in the construction site activities carried out by the companies.

  • Replacement Safety Plan (PSS)

For construction companies to which the PSC and POS do not apply.

  • Technical Documentation of the Work

A document containing the relevant information about prevention of and protection from the risks that workers are exposed to, to be taken into consideration during any subsequent works on the same site.

  • Coordination during execution

Verification of the application, by the contracting companies and self-employed workers, of the provisions relevant to them contained in the security and coordination plan and the proper application of the relevant working procedures.

  • Requesting of municipal permits (DIA, SCIA, CIL) for the construction of buildings;
  • Requesting of Declaration of habitability;
  • Requesting of permits for the permanent or temporary installation of advertising.